Why study in a Quebec cégep?

Every year, more and more students like you are choosing to study in Québec rather than to pursue higher education in their home countries. Cégeps are internationally recognized for the high quality of their education, their skills-based approach and the alignment of their programs with the needs of business and industry.

Cégeps open doors

Cégeps open the door to a workforce in need of professionally skilled youth. On average, employment rates for cégep graduates from technical programs reach over 85% right from the first year after graduation. In addition to providing graduates with skills in high demand, technical programs also provide access to university studies in a similar field for those who would like to pursue their education.

A close-knit learning environment

Cégeps offer a low student-to-teacher ratio in classes where teachers deliver interactive and dynamic courses focused on student success. Programs combine practical training and theory. Students also receive guidance throughout their program from professionals and teachers who are highly invested in their students’ learning. The learning environment favours student autonomy as adults and as future professionals.

You are not a number

Administrative services are devoted to your educational growth and to your integration into cégep life and Québec culture. As a cégep student, you have access to a variety of services: pedagogical support, teachers available outside of class hours, cutting edge technology, computer labs, internships as part of technical programs, guidance, counselling, etc. Cégep campuses are lively places with cultural, social and athletic events and activities throughout the school year (September to May). International students also have access to scholarships and financial aid (link in French only) such as tuition fee exemptions.

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