Admission requirements

To study in Quebec at one of SRAM’s cégeps, applicants must have reached a level of education that is equivalent to a Quebec Secondary School Diploma (SSD) and meet specific conditions of the chosen program when applicable.  You can read the brochure to understand how the Québec school system works.

In Québec, the SSD DES is usually equivalent to 11 or 12 years of study, depending on the applicant's country's school system.  For instance, for applicants from the USA, students who passed Grade 11 are admissible to cégep in Québec. Nevertheless, SRAM is encouraging applicants to complete their local secondary studies and obtain a diploma (High school diploma, baccalauréat, diplôme d'études secondaires, etc) before coming to Québec to study in a cégep.

The application for admission submitted to SRAM is subject to a comparative evaluation of studies completed outside of Quebec in order to evaluate the applicant’s education. The comparative evaluation is conducted only after the application for admission has been submitted.

When SRAM has completed the comparative evaluation of studies, the file is sent to the chosen cégep for evaluation in the requested program. It should be noted that selection of applicants is done by the cégep and not by SRAM.