Admission procedures

International students must be in Canada to pursue their college studies since they will need to attend some face-to-face classes.   No distance learning from abroad is permitted.

Important dates

The last day to submit an application is:

  • August 31st for the Winter semester
  • March 31st for the Fall semester

Required documents

Documents will be requested based on your situation. Once you’ll have filled out the application for admission, the system will list the documents you will have to submit to complete your file. These may include:

  • Birth certificate ;
  • Transcripts and diplomas from your last three years of high school and transcripts and diplomas from university studies if applicable*
  • Language test results 
  • Comparative evaluation of studies completed outside of Canada (This evaluation can be made by SRAM in the process of your application)
  • Payment

*Only color printed copies or color scanned documents made directly from the original report cards and diplomas will be accepted.  If the original documents are neither in English or French, they must be translated in either one these languages by a certified translator.  Copies of the original documents as well as copies of the translations must be sent to SRAM. Do not send original document. SRAM is not returning any documents.

WARNING! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SRAM can no longer process documents sent by mail or dropped directly at our office.  Only documents uploaded directly in applicants' online files will be processed. To upload documents in your file, login to

Transcripts and diplomas

Even if you have completed university studies, SRAM requires that you submit your high school transcripts and diploma. If you only submit your university transcripts, SRAM will not be able to prepare a comparative evaluation.

Language test

Language tests are required for the vast majority of international students, whether or not they have studied in the cégep’s language of instruction.

For cégeps with English as the language of instruction, SRAM is accepting the following tests:

For cégeps with French as the language of instruction, SRAM is accepting the following tests:

  • Bright - French language
  • TCF tout public (The TCF Québec and TCF Canada are not accepted)
  • DELF tout public niveau 2
  • DALF
  • TEF (TEF Express, TEF Québec and TEF Canada are not accepted. Sections required: compréhension écrite, compréhension orale, lexique et structure)
  • Since April 1, 2019, SRAM is no longer accepting the TFI (test de français international) language test

To find out where to pass these tests in your country, follow the links.

Comparative evaluation

In order for a cégep to decide on the admission of an applicant that completed their studies outside of Canada, a comparative evaluation is needed. Applicants can request while filing out their online application that SRAM produces this evaluation. It’s important to note that SRAM’s evaluations are used for the sole purpose of cégep admissions and are not provided to applicants.

Application fees

Application fees are 85$ CAD (this includes the 50$ fee for the SRAM comparative evaluation) or 80$ USD or 65 Euros (including the fee for a Comparative Evaluation of Studies done outside Canada that will be sent to the cégep as part of your file) and are non-refundable. Your application will not be complete until you’ve paid the application fees. Accepted payment methods are as follows:

  • Credit card (Visa or MasterCard) in your online file
  • Bank transfer (only international applicants are authorized to pay via bank transfer)

WARNING! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SRAM can no longer process payments sent by mail or dropped directly at our office. You can now only proceed to pay with a credit card through your online file or by bank transfers.

Bank transfers (only international applicants are authorized to pay via bank transfer)

Below is the information required by your bank for bank transfers :

  • Financial institution : 0006 (National Bank of Canada)
  • Transit number : 11011
  • Account number : 01-004-22

If paying by bank transfer, you must indicate so in an email sent to

The email must include the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name at birth
  • Application file number
  • Date the bank transfer was completed
  • Name of your financial institution

Important note regarding bank transfers: If you do not notify SRAM by email of your bank transfer, it will not be applied to your application. View your application status online at 5 days after the bank transfer to see if it has been registered to your application.

The cégep’s admission answer

Once your application is complete, you should expect a 3 to 8 week delay prior to receive the cegep’s answer. The answer will be posted on your online file at You will also receive a letter or email.

Head to and fill out the online application.