Frequently asked questions

How do I cancel my application?

You cannot cancel your application through the website. Depending on your situation, one of the following procedures applies.

Changing your cégep or program choice before being admitted:

  • You can change your choice online before the deadline of each round (provided your application is not currently being evaluated by a cégep)
  • Logon to your online application
  • Make sure you’ve paid the application fees
  • Select “change my choice” and select your new choice of program and/or cégep
  • We will process the choice registered on your file on the deadline of the current round
  • You cannot modify your choice once your application is being evaluated by a cégep

Changing your choice after you’ve been accepted:

  • You cannot take part in the next round or modify your choice if you’ve been accepted in a previous round: make the correct choice right from Round 1!
  • If you find yourself in an exceptional situation and you are unable to continue your studies in the cégep where you’ve been admitted, you can contact the cégep where you would like to study and ask about the possibility of a transfer. If that cégep accepts, you’ll also have to contact the cégep where you were accepted to receive their authorization.

Changing your choice of program in the same cégep, after you’ve been accepted:

  • If you’ve received a notice of acceptance from your cégep and you would like to change programs, please contact your cégep directly.

If you no longer wish to go to cégep:

  • If your application is complete, please note that application fees are non-refundable under all circumstances. Complete applications will be processed and you will receive an answer from the cégep. If you are not accepted, don’t take part in the next round and your application will cancel itself out at the end of admissions. If you are accepted, read the admission letter the cégep will have sent you to find out how to cancel your admission.
  • If you require proof that you cancelled your admission, please contact the cégep where you were accepted.
  • If your application is not completed, it will cancel itself out at the end of admission. If this is the option you chose, we recommend you logon to your SRAM account and remove the automatic call option to avoid receiving reminder calls from us.